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You or anyone driving your vehicle with your Subaru S.U.R. 360 membership card can receive roadside assistance for any of the emergencies below by calling the toll-free number on your Subaru S.U.R. 360 membership card at any time of day or night.

fuel delivery

Fuel Delivery

If your vehicle runs out of fuel, up to 10 liters of fuel (where fuel is available) will be delivered to you. You will be required to pay for this fuel at the current pump price. We do not

lock out service

Lockout Service

If your keys are locked inside your vehicle, a service representative will attempt to unlock the vehicle. You may be required to sign a liability release form before this service can be provided.

battery boost

Battery Boost

If your vehicle's battery is dead, a service representative will attempt to start the vehicle using a battery charger or any other available means.

flat tire

Flat Tire Change

If one of your vehicle's tires is flat, a service representative will



If your vehicle is stuck, a service representative will tow the vehicle as long as it can be safely accessed by normal traffic routes. This service is limited to one service vehicle and operator.



If, after all attempts by the service representative, your vehicle cannot be safely operated, towing service will be provided to:

a) the nearest authorized Subaru dealer or authorized Subaru Service Centre within a 360 km radius; or b) the nearest CAA contractor or CAA-approved service center.

All emergency roadside assistance services apply to Subaru vehicles enrolled in the Subaru S.U.R. 360 program, regardless of the driver, as long as the individual is in possession of the Subaru S.U.R. 360 membership card.

The services provided under the Subaru S.U.R. 360 program do NOT include or cover the following:

  • Transport of the driver or passengers of the disabled vehicle to or from the vehicle at any time.
  • Appointment scheduling for maintenance.
  • Cost of parts and labor or incidental charges related to vehicle repair, under any circumstances.
  • Any abandoned, unregistered, unlicensed, or towed-to-recovery site vehicles.
  • All impoundment or storage fees for a vehicle.
  • Any vehicle driven in an isolated or impassable location, such as private recreational roads, muddy driveways, and beaches.
  • Any vehicle located in a completely snowed-in area.

Other Limitations of Liability and Service

If demand for services is high, Subaru S.U.R. 360 reserves the right to tow the vehicle to the nearest repair facility first and then to the final destination (as indicated in the "Towing" section of roadside assistance services) once demand has decreased. If the vehicle is already in a safe location, such as a public or private garage, residential driveway, etc., Subaru S.U.R. 360 reserves the right to offer the service only once demand has decreased. While providing a service, the service center does not act as an agent of Subaru S.U.R. 360 or Subaru Canada, Inc., but rather as an independent contractor. Subaru S.U.R. 360 and Subaru Canada, Inc. assume no responsibility for losses or damages arising from the services provided. Any damage resulting from the acts of an employee of an independent service center is the sole responsibility of the establishment and should be reported to the owner within 24 hours before any repairs. Charges for service, repair, or labor exceeding those specified are the responsibility of the vehicle driver, according to prevailing retail rates.


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