Why Choose Subaru?

There are many ways to answer this question, all of which boil down to the unique promise of the brand: Trust and Evolution. This slogan conveys trust right from the start -- the deep certainty of choosing a quality product, a vehicle unmatched in innovation, engineering, safety, capabilities, and reliability.

Once the choice is made, this sense of trust can only manifest in the driving experience and ownership. From there, you'll come to appreciate the impeccable construction quality, impressive fuel efficiency, and genuine driving pleasure of your Subaru. The soundness of choosing a Subaru is thus reinforced from day one, and every following day.

Our vehicles have received significant recognition from our customers, specialized press, and independent organizations, a clear sign that we keep our promise -- and an excellent source of motivation to continue offering Canadians vehicles they will enjoy driving for many years.

If you're looking for a vehicle that offers you much more, we invite you to explore the full range of Subaru vehicles. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised.

More than one reason to celebrate choosing a Subaru:

Superior Engineering = Undeniable Driving Pleasure

Every Subaru benefits from meticulous engineering, expertise gained over decades of motorsport competition, and our dedication to providing an exceptional driving dynamic. These strengths have given rise to the naturally balanced SUBARU BOXER® engine, the world's best all-wheel drive system, a range of supremely agile vehicles, and a safer and more reassuring driving experience.



Category-Leading Safety Standards

Due to our unwavering commitment to designing and developing the planet's most advanced active and passive safety systems, Subaru has won numerous awards year after year and enjoys an excellent safety reputation.

Learn how Subaru's safety systems provide drivers with greater peace of mind at all times.

Amazing Fuel Efficiency Proven Reliability and Quality All-Around Versatility
Exceptional Value Excellent Resale Value Outstanding Service
Customer-Driven Product Development

All new Subaru models feature sophisticated fuel-saving technologies, a measure that provides the entire lineup with astonishing fuel efficiency. These vehicles equipped with symmetrical all-wheel drive are among the most fuel-efficient models in their respective categories1. And some of these models come with the latest breakthroughs, including the next-generation CVT transmission and high-performance turbo engines.

Subaru vehicles are so durable that we are the only manufacturer to publish a maintenance schedule of up to 500,000 km. A proportion of 98% of our vehicles sold in Canada over the last ten years are still on the roads today2.

On most models, all-around capabilities and a spacious cargo compartment enhance versatility and multiply possibilities for your getaways!

We don't offer stripped-down vehicles where everything is optional. Our cars come well-equipped from the start because that's what discerning customers seek.

The Subaru brand retains its value better than any other mainstream brand in Canada3.

Our dealerships are supported by friendly frontline staff and factory-trained technicians, in addition to benefiting from innovative parts warehousing and shipping processes, ensuring you a fast and efficient service experience.

We pay special attention to customer feedback and respond quickly by offering innovative technologies and features that satisfy their ever-changing needs.

Wide Selection, Unique Advantages:

We offer a wide range of vehicles, suited for all tastes. Explore the following vehicle categories and discover the unique advantages of each model in the Subaru lineup.

 subaru  utility  vehicles

 Subaru Utility Vehicles

 subaru  hatchbacks 

Subaru Hatchback Cars

 subaru  sedans 1 

Subaru Sedan Cars

 subaru  performance  vehicles

Subaru Performance Vehicles

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